Victims of Severe Brain Trauma to be Studied at UNMH

La lesione cerebrale traumatica è la principale causa di morte e disabilità nei bambini e negli adulti fino a 44 anni di età. Ogni 15 secondi qualcuno negli Stati Uniti subisce una grave lesione cerebrale traumatica e ogni cinque minuti qualcuno è disabile per sempre a causa di una lesione cerebrale traumatica.

The University of New Mexico Hospital will be conducting a research study to learn if either of two strategies currently used for monitoring and treating patients with severe traumatic brain injury in the intensive care unit (ICU) is more likely to help them get better. Both of these alternative strategies are used in standard care. It is unknown if one is more effective than the other.

In una strategia i medici si concentrano sulla prevenzione dell'elevata pressione intracranica causata da un cervello gonfio. Nell'altra strategia i medici cercano di prevenire un'elevata pressione intracranica e cercano anche di prevenire bassi livelli di ossigeno nel cervello. Questo studio scoprirà se entrambe le strategie sono più sicure ed efficaci.

The study will include adults and children older than 14 years with severe brain injury requiring admission to the ICU with brain monitoring. The research will be part of the Brain Oxygen Optimization in Severe TBI Phase-3 (BOOST-3) study. Hospitals across the country are conducting the study which is funded by the US National Institutes of Health.

Because head injury is a life threatening condition requiring immediate treatment, some patients will be enrolled without consent if a family member or other representative is not rapidly available. Every attempt will be made to locate family prior to enrollment to allow them to decide about the patient's participation in the study. If family is located after enrollment, consent to continue in the study will be sought at the earliest opportunity.

Before the study starts, the research team will consult with the community. Feedback and questions are welcome.

Per ulteriori informazioni o per rifiutare la partecipazione a questo studio, visitare or contact the study staff at 505-925-4392.

The study's Primary Investigator is Huy Tran, MD and the Study Coordinator is Ron Mims.